Request: Cottage in Knockanore, Youghal

Requested Location:

Country: Ireland

State: Cork

Locality: Youghal


Customer looking to commission a photo of a particular cottage in Knockanore, Youghal. If you're interested, you can leave a response here and we can arrange it.


  1. Barry Lennon


    Submitted over 7 years ago

    Hi, I,m not sure if you still want to get the particular Photo, I am a photographer currently living in Dungarvan which is not too far from Knockanore. i,ve taken quite a few photos in and around the Youghal area. I also have relatives living in the Lackaroe area so I get there fairly regularly. I can accommodate you for any Photos that you request in that area. Many Thanks & Best Wishes. Kind Regards, Barry Lennon.

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