Request: Killiney Bay

Requested Location:

Country: Ireland

State: Dublin

Locality: Any locality


Interested in a photo of Killiney / Dalkey Bay with Wicklow Mountains in the background. As wide a shot as possible on a clear day - taken in the morning or around noon would probably get the best light. I think this would sell to others as well as myself.


  1. Martin Baker


    Submitted about 8 years ago

    Hi John I've just joined Lokofoto & have a photo of the view south from Killiney Hill that you may be interested in. If yes, fantastic, and if not, no problem at all! I also have two others of Dalkey / Killiney that might interest you. All are on the bronze pricing range. Thank You Martin Baker

    Suggested Photos

    • The sun rising over the Irish Sea and Killiney, Bay, Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 2012.

      Sunrise, Killiney Bay, Dublin, Ireland

      Ireland > Dublin > Killiney
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    • Sunrise, Dalkey Island, Dublin, Ireland, Mar. 2012.  Taken on one of the sunniest days of the year just as the sun was rising over this tiny island.

      Sunrise, Dalkey Island, Dublin, Ireland.

      Ireland > Dublin > Dalkey
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  2. Damien Kelly


    Submitted over 7 years ago

    Dalkey Island sunrise

  3. Nick Warinton


    Submitted over 7 years ago

    Weather front over Killiney Bay, mid afternoon

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