Request: Spiritual Portraits

Requested Location:

Country: Ecuador

State: Any State

Locality: Any locality


This might be a strange request, but I'm looking for a photo of a Shaman from Ecuador. I did a jungle trip a few years ago in souther Ecuador and had the opportunity to meet a local medicine man (who didn't wan't his picture taken!). I'm don't actually mind what part of the country they're from, but I'd prefer a black and white shot of the subject if possible.


  1. Eddie Johnston


    Submitted almost 9 years ago

    We met this guy in the Cuyabeno Reserve in Ecuador, he was happy enough for us to shoot away. I can upload a colour photo if you'd prefer.

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  2. Deleted User


    Submitted almost 9 years ago

    I really like these shots! Would you mind showing me the colour picture - I had wanted a B&W shot but would be interested in seeing any other ones you have.

    This user's photos are no longer available.

  3. Eddie Johnston


    Submitted almost 9 years ago

    Try this - it's not as well composed as the B&W ones but there are nice colours in his clothes.

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