Earn Top Dollar

We created Lokofoto to help photographers get greater exposure, reduce some of the business headaches, and to let creatives like you concentrate on what you do best - taking stunning photography.

Earn money from your work without worrying about all the boring business stuff.

Find Collectors

We connect you with potential collectors from all over the world who love the places you photograph, as much as you. We handle all the pesky technical details of accepting payment, printing photos and following up with customer relations.

Focusing on location allows collectors to find photography that truly means something to them.

Get Recognised

We promote you through the wonderful world of social media. facebook, twitter, stumble upon - you name it we are on it. Make valuable connections also with like minded photographers and learn from the masters.

Use the social tools on Lokofoto to leverage your social networks and turn friends to fans to collectors !

Photographers Profit

We see Lokofoto as a gallery to the worlds photography. We charge a typical gallery commission on the sales of photography.

We split the profits of each print sale 60/40 with the Photographer (Photographer receives 60%) after production costs. The earnings you receive on a sale will be dictated by the price you set. When you make your first sale we will be in touch to set up payment options with you. Lokofoto handles all the production, printing and labour and the photographer collects their share after a sale is made. Note that proceeds from frames are not included in the photographer's profits.

Easy !


Lokofoto does not own your photography or the Copyright.

When you upload a photo to Lokofoto, you give us the right to sell and distribute prints of your work. You retain all copyright and ownership and can take it down at any stage. Lokofotos's goal is to help photographers sell their work. We understand photographers have a number of options, so we've made the Lokofoto's Sales Agreement non-exclusive. You can sell your work elsewhere even when it is listed on Lokofoto. We can do a few other things with your imagery, like use it in publicity or advertising- but not anything you wouldn't want us doing with it. Rest assured, the copyright and ownership of the image rests with you and we will be honest and transparent about everything we do with your work.

Full Terms and Conditions Page


Lokofoto is the best place to promote and sell your local photography. The competitions and voting provides the platform for you to leverage your social network and engage people with your work. This helps you gain recognition and sets up an accessible platform where people can purchase your photography easily and safely.