Local Photographers

Local Photographers from around the world upload their best photos to Lokofoto.

Think of a place you live, love or remember. Maybe you have moved away from your hometown for example or love visiting a certain village in Tuscany every year. It could even be the Caribbean resort where you spent your honeymoon, all those years ago. Lokofoto will allow you to discover great photos and photographers from all these places.

Location, Location,...

Each photo is tagged at the location at which it was taken.

Focusing on location allows collectors to find photography that truly means something to them. A good Lokofoto should evoke a strrong sense of place. For example, A landscape scene may represent an area well or even a close up on a flower could also be connected with a location. For example, A Thistle in Scotland.

You Vote and Curate

By voting and sharing your favourite works you increase their profile on the site.Voting ensures that the best photos are featured on the site. Our Mission is to gather a collection of the most stunning images - by location.

Use the social tools on Lokofoto to share and promote great photography of places you love!